• Hello everyone! Twelfth night has arrived and we hope we find you safe and well.
    Like everyone else we have missed doing what we normally do – playing flute duets for your lovely events.
    Our selfie above shows us in happier times, after a Christmas event in 2019!
    In the hope of the freedom to travel once more in 2021, we thought you might enjoy a little Delibes audio from one of our annual City concerts.
    For those of you who watched our video compilation on YouTube, you’ll be glad to know that, on those rare occasions (two…) when we have been able to play our duets, we have again been supported by our loyal four-legged fan club – Archie and Coco.¬†

    We are sure you will be planning some celebratory events for the summer (who isn’t!), so do check our website for news and do contact us to arrange some gorgeous flute duets!
    Meanwhile our very best wishes to you and yours for a happier, healthier and tooting 2021.

    Jane & Cressida xx

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